Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fit to be a school nurse and a mom

So being in a third world country, working with children that live, work and play in the dirt it's smart to wear your hair up, unwashed and wear more hair spray than 
Nikki Sixx. 

Not everyone does that though. 
Most of the time your thought process is 
'that won't happen to me'
....WRONG!! It does. It happens, and it's hell.
 You probably know what I am talking about, LICE.

After discovering that 4 members of our team indeed have lice, my fearless leader, Laura Fry and I went pharmacy hopping for lice shampoo, new pillows, new sheets and in search of hot water to wash in.
Nearly impossible to find all of these things.
Which is probably why it's such a problem with the children that we work with, around here. 

After 13 long hours of washing bedding, hair, picking through hair, shampooing hair, dying hair, drying hair, boiling everything and picking through hair, again, in the dark, with a head lamp and that still not working
 we have come to drastic measures....

Home Remedies.

Rubbing Alcohol
Mouth wash
Cooking Oil 
Tea Tree Oil
We're going in for the kill. 

Who knew that spending 3 months in a third world country would equip you to be a school nurse, and a mother? I was planning on coming to Cambodia and praying for some lame people and seeing them walk, telling them about Jesus, teaching some English..ya know normal missionary stuff..
Funny how God puts you in extreme situations and environments to teach you small lessons.
No, that wasn't fun.
No, it wasn't easy to be patient.
Yes, I was tired.
Yes, I was upset.
But if that's what it takes to be a better mommy one day, I'll do it a million times over and if that's what it takes to further the kingdom, let's go at it again.

Check out some of the crazy thing that people do to get rid of this crazy stuff:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photos for Sale

















I am selling prints of Cambodia and Hawaii to help support the mission work that I am doing here in Battambang, Cambodia. 
To place your photo order choose the photo(s) you would like, copy the code below the photo then send an email to
 In the subject line put: photo print order
In the body put: your name, your address, the photo code, size, and how you will be paying 

5x7 - $7
8x10 - $10

To pay by cash or check mail to:
WCG Photography
100 Hood Drive SE
Rome, GA 30161
Make checks payable to Grace Hankins 

*NOTE: your photo will NOT be ordered until your money has been received. Once your money is received the order will be placed and the photo will be mailed to the given address.

If there are additional photos from my Facebook that you would like to purchase or there is a specific photo that you would like taken; send me email me at

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome to the Phsat (market)

SO much beautiful fabric

this little piggy went to the market....

I'm not so sure this is sanitary


original design hand made dresses